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There's nothing worse than slipping on those brand-new crispy white sneakers only to have your friend step on them leaving a large black smudge right on the front of them. These amazing ultra-elastic silicone shoe covers will essentially protect your shoes from pretty much anything. They're completely waterproof, and perfect for any reason you need your shoes kept dry or clean.

A great idea for bicyclists or runners in the rain, construction workers working in the mud, workers that need to access homes, bowlers, hikers, campers, or just anyone looking to keep their new shoes crispy clean in bad weather, or rough walking conditions.

To put them on just push it down so the silicone shoe cover is flat against the opening, and start on your toes, and roll it all the way up the rest of your shoe. They're also quite easy to get off your shoes once you're done needing them. They're completely reusable and easily cleaned. Just roll them up and stick them into your purse, bag, or backpack for when you need them.